psssst {i’m over here}…

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just popping in to let you know i’m hanging out over here today with the lovely erin at like/want/need

check it out & report back!

image via: bobby berk home

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6 thoughts on “psssst {i’m over here}…

  1. Thank you so much, Sue!! I loved having you over. Your home is incredible. I seriously cannot believe you only moved in a short time ago, you could never tell! Thank you again for filling in for me, it was such a relief to have my blog in such good hands! xoxo

  2. I’m in love with your dining room! I also love all the touches of flowers everywhere – I need to find a great market around Manchester that does fabulous blooms rather than always resorting to cheapy things from the supermarket lol xxx

    • thank you lovely! half of the flowers are faux from abigail ahern’s store… but i have to mix in the real thing too or it just wouldn’t feel right!

  3. Sue, your home looks stunning. What makes me chuckle is that you’re normally so cynical, so snappy and YET you’re full of romance and lovey doveyness (charming)

    I love how your home reflects your travels and the journey you’ve been through with the beau. A really intimate affair. You’re very girlie (I’m not..:-) and I love it because it’s very you (plus a lot of influences aka Ms Ahern)

    Really beautiful x

    • i like to refer to my cynicism as a healthy dose of realism… i certainly am not afraid to call a spade a spade! gets me in trouble a lot as most people seem to prefer bs… and i’d say i have a feminine edge, but not overly girly (though i do like pretty pieces, i don’t like things to be overwhelmingly pretty on the whole, if that makes sense… there have to be strong, masculine counterparts)… maybe not obvious in all of the images because the whole room is never really shown… 😉

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