how far would you go…

…to make a rental property truly feel like home?

it seems everywhere i turn of late there’s talk of people making home improvements to their temporary lodgings & it makes me ponder, how far is too far?

i’m seriously considering an update to the carpet situation in our potential new dwelling, as i’m not entirely sure i can go two years with the current situation…

but this will be the first time in nearly 25 years of renting {gulp, really? that long?} that i’ve seriously considered making such an investment in a temporary abode… sure i’ve replaced the odd light fitting or rehung the curtains & i’ve furnished throughout in our current place… there was even one home in melbourne where we overhauled the garden from a bag of weeds to a thing of beauty, but i’ve never really made any significant changes to somewhere that wasn’t mine or spent money on something i couldn’t take with me when i moved… both back home & here in england it doesn’t really seem to be the done thing…

& so i’m wondering, is it a product of our culture that determines how far we take our updates?

la-based stylist emily henderson is making me positively green with envy with tales of overhauling her rental digs… bedrooms & studies alike are awash in a sea of oceanic-hued paints… storage cupboards have been fitted & flooring updates already made…

whilst san franciscan victoria of sfgirlbybay has taken it one step further still & is actually in the process of painting the outside of her on-loan home… now there’s a first! it’s bound to be the best looking rental on the block, but what an investment indeed!

& holly becker, author of decor8, has long since chronicled the trials & tribulations of making her rental apartment in germany feel like home… in her latest place she’s even installed a new kitchen: cooker, cupboards & everything else including the kitchen sink! but then, in fairness, it appears that’s the done thing in germany {& i do declare, i still think that’s the oddest thing ever, don’t you? rental apartments that come without a kitchen installed… what happens to all of those torn out kitchen units which don’t fit the next rental space?}

i do wonder, had i lived elsewhere would i have been bolder with my rental makeovers? or is it just a case of being braver, regardless of the post code?

how about you? have you ever pulled the trigger and overhauled a home that wasn’t really yours?

i’d love to know all… do tell!

image via: in random

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6 thoughts on “how far would you go…

  1. You know, in Germany you have rental contracts of 10 years or so, that’s why people instal their own kitchens.

    London is a different story all together. If unlucky, the landlord can decide to sell and you’re on the street. Now, that rents are taking over sales things might change.

    When I used to rent, I always made it my home by buying things and decorating. I figured it’s my home for now so I want to live as good as possible. It doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to reflect your taste and likings:) I was lucky though, I once lived in the same flat for 14 years.

    • wow, i didn’t realise they rented for so long in germany… still, i feels a little insane having to install a kitchen, no? why not also a bathroom? sounds like you got lucky indeed… our luck is atrocious… we’ve had two rental properties go on the market & on both occasions we’ve had to endure a parade of potential buyers & aggressive realtors! not fun!

  2. Have you ever read Manhattan Nest? It’s a blog run by a DIY genius who is currently renovating his entire rental kitchen. We’re talking ripping out cabinets, the works. I personally haven’t ever so much as painted a wall in a rental unit (because I would hate having to paint it back) but I say more power to you! Make the space feel like your own.

  3. Tina’s right, it’s different on the continent as they have protected tenancies. Here you are out in six months if the landlord decides so there is no point in doing anything at all.

    I rent my flat out and I’d be furious if my tenant changed anything. but my flat is beautiful and in perfect condition!

    I hate renting here, mostly landlords fill the flat with all the stuff they don’t want in their own space.

    Maybe buy lots of rugs instead to cover the carpet? How awful is it? coloured or just grubby? Guess you got the flat then? Yeay!

    • we’re still in the process of negotiating… but fingers crossed that’s our new home… it’s a pale pinky peachy colour with a bit of stainage from memory… was thinking of overlaying a second carpet (sisal) on top, rather than removing theirs… still an expense and not sure it can be done! i hate renting full stop… over it… over landlords acting like you’re an inconvenience, despite the fact you’re paying their mortgage… over being treated like a second class citizen… over not being able to rip out carpet & tear down walls… but we’ll see what magic i can do on the next one… going to document it from scratch!

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