friday’s thoughts {something(s) about me}…

happy weekend lovelies!

for today’s ‘friday’s thoughts’ i’ve decided to mix it up a little & instead of relying on someone else’s words i’m going to use my own…

inspired by some lovely ladies out there in blog land, most notably theresa of InspirationCOOPERATIVE, i’ve committed to take part in a virtual cocktail party of sorts {for all the details & to check out the other blogger’s entries pop on over here}

so, here goes…

something(s) about me {ten to be exact, because i had to stop somewhere. though come to think of it, i really don’t like even numbers so, there, that’s fact number eleven!}…

  1. i’m probably going to be the last person to post in today’s cocktail party… that’s because i’m pretty much always late… i was late to my own birth {i overstayed my welcome in the womb by a good few weeks} and i’ll probably be late to my own funeral… to those of whom any of this presents a problem, just deal with it… i have to, every single day!
  2. when i was about fifteen i dabbled in vegetarianism… but i always swore that if somebody put a plate of sweet & sour pork in front of me that the journey would end, prontisimo! i lasted six months {funnily enough, i average eating sweet & sour pork about once every ten years now, which goes to show that sometimes the direction you take in life is all about timing}
  3. i often feel like a cyber stalker when i leave comments on other people’s blogs & i fret when people don’t respond to the comments i leave on their blogs… i hate that i feel like a stalker & i hate that i fret
  4. i have a flower addiction {ask my boyfriend}… it’s extremely rare for me to not have fresh flowers in my house… i would go without food before going without flowers… i love them… they make me happy… my house feels naked without them
  5. on that note, i love nature in general… it energises me… the sound of the ocean, the scent of a forest, the feeling of a cool breeze on my sweaty brow… nature is my temple {amen}
  6. even though i studied {and briefly worked} as a journalist, i have a distinct aversion to formal punctuation {oh, other than brackets, apostrophes and elipses… i seem to like those a lot}… one space or two after a colon? {who cares, life is short}… & don’t even get me started on capitalisation!
  7. i’m at my happiest when i’m roaming the streets {or beaches, forests, meadows} of a foreign land with my camera in hand… whole days have come and gone with me doing just that…
  8. i cry at airports. each and every time. it doesn’t matter if i’m coming or going or meeting & greeting or seeing somebody off. i cry. just thinking about all those beginnings and endings going on all around me gets my tear ducts into a frenzy. i once even cried whilst driving past an airport {that’s right, i didn’t even go inside}. fact!
  9. i could eat my weight in chocolate. and sometimes do. so much so that the amount of chocolate i have to eat in order to eat my weight in chocolate goes up on an almost daily basis
  10. mine is a pretty blessed life. i was born in a free country. i have love & i am able to give love. i have enduring friendships. i can laugh until i cry. if i’m not happy with something in my life i generally have the ability to change whatever it is i’m not happy with. but by far one of the greatest blessings in my whole life was to be able to hold my dad’s hand when he passed away. to be there in that moment for him {and for me} was a gift…

phew, well that’s ten eleven less thoughts currently swimming around in my head!

catch you all here bright & early for sunday’s nook…

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22 thoughts on “friday’s thoughts {something(s) about me}…

  1. Hi Sue,
    Your last paragraph is incredibly moving. For one, you appreciate your life and are greatful for everything you have, which is so refreshing.

    My dad and I were never close and he passed away about 18 months ago. I chose not to see him in the last few years. I don’t have regrets but can only imagine that your experience must be the ultimate gift for both child and parent.

    Why are you always late?? 🙂

    • hi tina… so sorry to hear about your relationship with your dad… it’s a gift indeed to have parents you can both love and like as people… ultimately, we all have to make our own choices about what is right for us and live with our decisions… i feel blessed to know my dad wasn’t alone when he died, and i hope that he had some comfort in knowing that too! as for my tardiness… i put it down to my elongated gestation period! hehee!

  2. You had me all smiles and then, bam, you hit me with number 10. Like Tina, I’m so glad that you put those feelings into words. It’s so true, we (I) should count blessings more. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I should focus on what I do have and can do. And, your very last point about your father was a beautiful way to end your post. To say the very least, our relationships with our parents are complex, with much history. Glad you were able to be there for him.
    Thank you for your post today and for participating. Better late then never. 😉 (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Have a great weekend!

    • haha, don’t worry, i am used to all sorts of late references! i once walked into work (late) to be greeted by a bunch of my colleagues holding LAMINATED placards saying “good afternoon miss colebourne”… late… story of my life! was happy to participate & thanks again so much for inspiring us all!

  3. Hi Sue! First, thank you so much for stopping by SPL! I loved reading your list. I too loved how lighthearted it was right until the very end. And as someone who is new here, it was lovely to learn these things about you!

    • thank you so much leah… while i will concede that i bottled out of the “things i’m afraid to tell you” angle, i actually really enjoyed putting together this list… my favourite bit is learning about all of our commonalities… definitely makes me feel less alone in blog land!

  4. Awwww, Sue! What a happy little girl you were – LOVE the photo!!

    You sound like such a fun, warm and spiritual person and its been a real pleasure getting to know you better through your list. I hear you on the lateness (I’m a reformed latecomer, having been *mostly* cured by parenthood!); the feeling of being a cyber stalker and the crying – except it’s mainly schools (seeing children left there and goodbyes) that get me every single time.

    I found no. 10 so powerful and moving, too.

    I do enjoy coming here to experience your own special blend of style, humour and heartfelt insights.

    Have you ever considered coming to one of our London meet-ups? The girls and I would absolutely love to have you! 😀

    • hi chi! thank you so much for your really lovely words… i’d love to come to one of the meet-ups… for sure! it’d be so nice to meet such a lovely, eclectic bunch of characters & reaffirm a bit of faith in mankind! 😉 i really enjoyed this exercise to get to know a little more about everyone… it’s amazing how many different crossovers there are between experiences & personalities & fears & likes & love… a really insightful exercise to do for sure!

  5. Hi Sue, love your ‘things’ today. I enjoyed the humour that went into them. Your flower addiction resonates with me, I must have spent an absolute fortune on them over the years, particularly indoors, I think I got the bug from my mother. I’ve moved on to some faux flowers over this last year since finding some fab ones, just to give my purse a break.

    It’s been great being part of the cocktail party, getting to know my fellow bloggers a little more, although I must admit I’ve visited your site a few times before but never left a message until now!

    Your posts on internship have resonated with me too, I found it a fascinating and enlightening experience.

    Thanks for sharing x

    • hi sam, lovely to hear from you… i have to get better at commenting when i visit people’s sites too… you forget how much it means to someone until you get some yourself! this has been a lovely exercise to get to know people better… and i really enjoyed putting the list together too! an i’m also incorporating fauxs into the mix at home (budgetary constraints!)… somedays i love them, other days i’m still iffy… we’ll see… my parents were huge gardeners growing up so that’s definitely my influence on the flower front!

  6. hi Sue, i felt like i was reading about a friend. your list is so genuine and welcoming…thank you for sharing. the part about commenting on blogs…yep, i can relate to that…oh, and the punctuation bit. as for #10…i adore my dad, so i can really understand how that means a whole lot. looking forward to reading more posts. be well!

    • thank you so much love… i’ve really, genuinely enjoyed this opportunity to connect with everyone… when i think about the blogs i love to read, ultimately they all have one thing in common: the author shares a part of their life with you… i hope to do that a little more too because it not only feels good to write, but the response is absolutely heart-warming! thank you for taking the time to comment, it means a huge amount… i’ll be sure to visit your blog too {and i hope that the stalker feeling eventually subsides!!! ha!}

  7.  Talking of late, hello! Gosh I’m horribly late I’m so sorry!
    Well firstly, your red socks are awesome!
    I too absolutely loved your last paragraph. We don’t really know how lucky we are, especially in the UK having state health care, that’s what I’ve been feeling the most lately. And the freedom.
    An aversion to punctuation? That must be why you like Ms Ahern’s blog so much!
    Really great post Susan and lovely to see so many new visitors. xx
    PS I really value all your comments on my blog and it’s never personal if I don’t reply so please don’t stop! ;o)

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